Nicki Minaj's Soul Park - Volume 12

Nicki Minaj's Soul Park - Volume 12

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All hail the Queen!  When Nicki Minaj creates something that will end all racism on earth, Vicente is on the scene to get the story. 


I made a fast walk to Big Bad Cars.  I was careful to stay away from the cops.  “This place is a nightmare!” I thought.

I walked into Big Bad Cars and almost as soon as I entered the dealership the manager came up to me as said, “Sir, are you lost?”

“No, I’m trying to buy a car.” I said. 

“Sir, before we waste any time, do you have the cash to pay for a car?” he sneered at me. 

I replied, “No, but I have great credit.”

“He rolled his eyes and replied, “Of course you do, but sir, we don’t offer financing.”

In that moment, “A man walked by shaking hands with  a car salesmen saying, “Thanks for the financing help!”

“What the fuck!” I said.

He sighed shaking his head and handed me a credit application and said, “Okay, fill this out.”

I filled out the application while thinking, “Man these people are fucked up.”

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