About Me

Vincent Triola was born June 26, 1970, in Baltimore, Maryland. Graduating from Mount Saint Joseph High School in 1988, Vince worked in the moving and storage industry fourteen years before working in content writing. As an entrepreneur, Vince owned technologies and content writing businesses.

Vincent Triola

Starting in the late eighties writing poetry and fiction, Vince soon dismayed with the writing industry and ceased efforts to publish but continued to amass a wealth of poems and narratives. Vince returned to writing in 2007, ghostwriting for small and large companies while developing several lucrative term paper and content marketing websites.

Today, Vince writes professionally for private clients while writing satire, literary fiction, poetry, and other prose. Vince created the genre of Multidimensional Poetry and Prose that uses embedded anagrams, structured prose, and poetry, allowing for multiple themes and perspectives of a subject.

Vince lives in Los Angeles, California, and actively writes books, poetry, and screenplays.