Charlize Hebdo - Volume 16

Charlize Hebdo - Volume 16

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She's a sexy fetching investigative reporter.


The man replied, 

But of course. The Slami is a religion of peace and tolerance. We welcome those who seek to learn the word of the Profit Madam H. Hum. The Profit teaches us that we should be open to all those who seek the knowledge of Slami and to be charitable.  But before we discuss Slami, I must ask that you put on this vales, please. 

He held out a hood that had only eyeholes and a hole to speak through. He smiled and motioned the hood to Charlize saying, "Please."

Charlize tilted her head inquisitively pursing her lips for a moment then responded, "I will gladly wear the vales but could you please explain the purpose of this clothing."

Suddenly one of the men jumped up from a table screaming and pointing at Charlize, "Aka laka malaka!"

The man ran over to a clothing rack in the corner of the room which had vests with explosives attached to them. A sign on top of the rack read, Martyr Vests $5. The man ran screaming out of the shop and after we lost sight of him we heard a massive explosion and screaming in the streets. 

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