Nurturing a Scholarly Community

Nurturing a Scholarly Community

Institutional Engagement Practices to Support Internal & External Stakeholders' Relationships

Institutional engagement practices that support the relationships between internal stakeholders and external stakeholders are typically part of a broad-scale strategic planning process. Some of these practices include: community-based forums, a clearly defined vision and mission, as well as developing committees that are inclusive of both internal and external stakeholders (State of Victoria, 2011). One method that has proven extremely beneficial as a engagement practices is the use of surveys that are used to develop and identify initiatives and strategies for the institution.

Another practice that enhances engagement is to engage influential individuals within the institution’s community to assist with policy implementation and other community plans:

Look for people within the organization and the community who are influential, respected, and committed to your goals. These individuals must have the ability to identify or anticipate challenges that may arise, propose solutions, and serve as dedicated advocate for the work. They might serve as active participants in the Implementation Team and/or be involved in directly supporting the active rollout of plans (State of Victoria, 2011).

As part of the strategic planning process, the inclusive approach to stakeholder engagement is articulated through common values and goals (State of Victoria, 2011). Because these goals and values are developed through stakeholder involvement this provides a means to deepen the value of them for all parties within the institution. This is a unified approach that enhances community engagement through consistent exchanges of input, feedback, and recommendations to leadership. These approaches have proven successful in developing strong communities of scholars.


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