The Epic Short Stories - Omnibus I.

When Vicente dies and goes to heaven, little does he know the adventure is just beginning in a universe filled with mortals, superheroes, villains, and angels.

The Epic Short Stories - Omnibus I.

Get all the epic stories in this omnibus. This eBook contains volumes one through sixteen of the Epic Short stories with classics such as The Epic Short Story Team-up, Rainbow Dynamo. The Epic Short Stories Omnibus will make you laugh, cry, or even angry or disgusted, but for sure, this timeless masterpiece will make you feel something.

Trigger Warning: Epics are not good reading for religious zealots, especially Christians, sexually uptight pricks, or stupid people.

The Epic Short Stories are satirical, sometimes raunchy narratives poking fun at religion, entertainment, and society. Written originally as a concept for animation, the Epics soon developed into tiny fiction installments made available on KDP, but please don't buy them individually and lose money! You can purchase the first sixteen installments for much less than the individual books.

*All books in the Epic Short Story Series contain adult content.