Ways You Can Enhance Group Cohesion

Ways You Can Enhance Group Cohesion

A Well-Developed Communication Approach

A well-developed communication approach is vital to group cohesion. Part of this approach is understanding and knowing how to deal with conflict. In groups, there will always be conflict due to a variety of differences but conflict can be resolved by understanding certain characteristics of team members. There often exists underlying differences in perspectives that lead to conflict and these perspectives can be transformed into constructive criticism and competitive advantage. Effective conflict management strategies address peoples’ different cultural backgrounds and help the organization or team build teamwork through a more-inclusive mode of operation.

Conflict of any sort stems from people having different perspectives, opinions, expected behavioral norms, and communication and working styles. When teams or work groups have the right knowledge, skills, and experience, these same differences become the source of increased creativity and productivity, yielding sustainable competitive business advantage (PACT, 2006).

Another approach to creating group cohesion can be found in coaching systems that help to build management and team leaders. Using a system of individual assessments provides necessary feedback to understand individual weaknesses. When an individual understands their deficiencies, he or she can become a better team member as well as problem solver (Cummings and Worley, 1993). Coaching build group cohesion through individual improvement.


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