Grant Writing: Budget Construction and Justification

Grant Writing: Budget Construction and Justification

Sample Budget Justification

Budget justification is an important part of grant writing that is evidenced based and must be clear to grantors. The following is a short example of a budget justification.

Domestic violence is a serious and ongoing issue for criminal justice agencies in the United States. As a means of solving domestic violence a multiagency approach would need to be crated which unify existing programs including legal and residential services. By creating a program that unifies existing programs it would be possible to provide coverage for areas that lack domestic violence assistance within states as well as providing a more well-rounded approach to the problem through additional services. Programs that provide protection, government benefits, and provide legal protection against attempts of abusers to take custody of children have the highest rates of success (Hamel & Nicholls, 2007).

Establishing a multiagency participation program would involve many stakeholders both private and public and the Multiagency Program would work on the basis of directing individuals to specific services as needed. The programs would be subsidized on an as needed basis. This approach would involve participation from law enforcement, social services, and other agencies such as churches and shelters (Hamel & Nicholls, 2007). A budget of $129,376,883 would be needed to establish the Multiagency Program’s operations and cover costs for services. This cost is based on four years of projections for administrative needs and services. The following line-item budget reflects these costs across 4 years.

Grant Writing: Budget Construction and Justification

Grant Writing: Budget Construction and Justification3


Funding the Multiagency Program will provide a long-term solution to the problem of domestic abuse. This solution will lower the cost of police agencies and social services by solving the problem before it escalates or continues to occur. The cost of domestic violence is tremendous when considering the cost of prosecuting and providing welfare support for victims. Domestic violence costs nearly $8.1 billion in direct medical and mental health care services. This cost is only part of the issue as it has been estimated that the cost to prosecute and deal with the impact of one fatal shooting is approximately $5.1 million (CSN, 2015). “This cost includes loss of quality of life, work loss, medical care, mental health services, emergency services, police, criminal justice, insurance claims and employer cost” (CSN, 2015). This tremendously outweighs the short-term solution of a Multiagency Program.


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