Changing Products in Tourism

Changing Products in Tourism

How Tourism is Evolving

There are several changing products in tourism that have been spurred for a variety of reason such as social, cultural, and financial developments. The development of technology has allowed for lower cost tourism and this has provided more choices and targeted marketing in the industry. The increased choice made possible by technology has given rise to new forms of tourism products such as sustainable tourism, Educational tourism, and medical tourism.

Sustainable tourism is planned vacations and excursions that take into account the impact of the tourist on the environment (Wurzburger, 2009). This green tourism product can be seen in the choices of taking vacations which are not wasteful and do not tax the environments of the places visited (Wurzburger, 2009). These tourist products may include: visiting nature based resorts, staying in seaside huts, etc…

Educational tourism is another tourism product that is currently evolving. Student Exchanges and teaching exchange programs create the basis of this form of tourism. As a result of this growing demand, the tourism industry has started catering to these markets creating packages for living arrangements as well as transportation needs (Williams, 2010). The major focus of this tourism product is connecting the tourist with educational experiences of their choosing (Williams, 2010).

Medical tourism, while having been around for some time, has only recently become a focus of the tourist industry. Medical tourism attempts to focus its marketing efforts on the growing trend of people trying to take advantage of the cost saving opportunities that exist with medical care across borders (Gahlinger, 2008). This industry attempts to provide lodging and transportation for individuals that are undergoing medical procedures in different areas of the world.

There are a variety of other products that tourism offers due to increasing ability to travel affordably and efficiently. As new technologies continue to reduce the cost of travel more targeted markets will emerge in the tourist industry. This represents a large area of growth for the industry.


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