Rainbow Dynamo
Rainbow Dynamo

Rainbow Dynamo

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When Billy Graham Kirk Cameron and Joel Osteen launch the Flat Earth Creationist Extremist Ship (FECES), it will take the combined forces of Heaven, Stan Lee, Levar Burton, and Billy McDinopenis to try to stop them from annihilating the earth. Will these heroes be enough?  Will they need the unstoppable power of the beautiful and mysterious Kesha Rose, the Rainbow Dynamo? 


On stage at the Grand Ole Opry, is the wildly popular rockstar, Kesha. As she sings her final song, she suddenly senses an impending doom. She finishes her set and the crowd applauds. She waves exiting the stage with the overwhelming sensation of the approaching catastrophe. Not knowing the nature of the danger, her extrasensory rainbow perception guides her as she begins climbing the stairs backstage. Kicking open the exit door leading to the roof, she adorns her white cats-eye mask, and begins racing to the edge of the rooftop. She tears open her blouse revealing the glowing ancient Glyph of the Rose upon her chest. As she tears off her blouse and remaining clothes, the hues of the rainbow emanate from the Glyph. The colors surround her, covering the good stuff. Leaping from the roof, an immense wave of rainbow energy forms beneath her and carries her across the dark southern sky. Before her, a tunnel of light rips open, exposing the spacetime continuum. Kesha Rose, the Rainbow Dynamo, hurls like a comet into the cosmic ether.

Rainbow Dynamo follows the Epic Short Story Billy McDinopenis

A Note From Vince

The Epic Short Stories are a Series. You should read them all from the beginning in order. 

*All books in the Epic Short Story Series contain adult content. 
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