When Vince swears off relationships believing he has mastered the art of dating, he never expects the beautiful 4’11” Farrah would challenge his ardent beliefs. Set in the tough gritty city of Baltimore, Maryland in the ’90s, a young couple faces the problems of career and financial advancement while building their relationship. On the cusp of the new digital millennium, tragedy strikes. The battle for career and money morphs into a struggle to find fate, faith, and the meaning of true love.

Move is a multilayered story encompassing many themes. The story is a compelling view of the forgotten stigmatized working class who struggles to find peace and security in an everchanging world. Move will challenge your notions of God and love through a different lens of faith. Move is a story about the importance of seeking the truth no matter how painful the reality of that truth.

That which does not kill us may make us stronger, but it doesn’t always make us better.

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