Creationist Crime Scene Investigations - Volume 14

Creationist Crime Scene Investigations - Volume 14

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When creationists take over the LAPD crime lab, Vicente and Scoop are on the scene to get the story. Watch as crime scene investigators use the latest creationist technologies to bring justice to victims.


Scoop pressed the creationists, “Why aren’t you using the technologies at your disposal to solve this crime?”

The leader crossed his arms and said indignantly, “Do you really think these technologies work? All these supposed sciences are based on the same science as evolution and we know that is a myth because the earth is only 10,000 years old.”

In frustration Scoop asked, “Okay, so how do you explain fossilized dinosaurs that are hundreds of millions of years old?”

The entire CCSI team laughed and the leader said, 

It's really simple, on the Ark, Noah had all the animals including some dinosaurs. When the Ark found land, the dinosaurs got out but they died because they got stuck in the mud that was left from the great flood.  That’s how your fossils were made. However, the vast majority of fossils are fakes made by artists who sell them to museums who want to maintain the erroneous belief that dinosaurs are real.  

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