The Epic Short Story Discussion

I've been asked to discuss the epic short story enough that I believe it warrants an explanation. The story was inspired by a really bad book written by an acquaintance. The book droned on and on for hundreds of pages. My friend also read the book and called it "an exercise in stamina".  I could not endure the reading and abandoned the book.  I thought a great deal about this book and author.  It occurred to me that a person needs to have some level of knowledge and experience in order to write a book.  More importantly, you need to read other writers in order to develop a style and understanding of different genres of literature.

Writing hundreds of pages does not equate to quality fiction. Some of the longest books I read- were the worst books I read.  In rejection of this terrible book, I began thinking of a bad writer in the extreme. A person who has no business writing a book.

I was imagining a person who never read anything more than a comic book and gained all of his knowledge about the world through digital media.  The person would have no real understanding of history and lack context for issues in the world. Lacking an attention span, this person would also be unable to write more than two or three chapters.   With this in mind, the epic short story was born. The story has changed from its beginning and continues to evolve.  Although my friends tend to critique the epic short story in ways I never imagined, to me the stories are more about the author than the plot or meaning of the stories.  

With that being said, enjoy the epic short stories.  

May 19, 2018