My favorite episode of Star Trek is the “The Changeling”. Kirk and crew discover a satellite (Nomad) that was released from earth hundreds of years in the past. Spock performs a Vulcan mind meld on the machine to learn its origins. Kirk and Spock learn that the machine was damaged during its original mission. An alien satellite that was also damaged combined itself with Nomad in an effort to make repairs. A new probe emerged from the combining of parts and with a new mission: “to sterilize imperfection”. The machine wandered through space destroying everything that crosses its path. When the Enterprise encounters the machine, they are able to avert destruction because the machine mistakes Kirk for its creator. In the end, Kirk uses logic to defeat the machine. By pointing out errors that Nomad has made, Kirk convinces the machine to sterilize itself since it is imperfect. While it may seem strange, I have related with this episode throughout much of my life.

I never felt the need to sterilize the imperfect, but I have often felt that I was hurtling aimlessly through life. I also believed I understood my purpose, only to find that I was wrong. Unlike the probe in Star Trek, I did not self-destruct due to obsessive rationality. Instead, I returned to aimlessly racing through life grasping onto some other imperfect concept. I am Nomad. Just a person hurling through time without purpose. I am Nomad. A damaged entity seeking out its creator but continuing to find nothing. I am Nomad.

December 2017