Tia Ling Me!

Tia Ling Me! - Volume 4

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Vicente with the help of a friend, attempts to leave Heaven on what he believes is a mission of his own. Join Vicente and Stephen Hawking as they transverse time and space to find a world of porn.


You pretty much have access to most anything you want in Heaven, but since the policy changes with EarthTube there is a serious shortage of decent porn. The knuckleheads at EarthTube went overboard with their policies and now all we can get is R-rated movies.  iTunes Blessed doesn’t carry adult movies. Fucking Jobs! This led to a serious demand which started a black market for porn. Some of us were lucky enough to have downloaded a lot of porn before the EarthTube change. Sadly, I was not one of these folks. That fucking Garcia has a lot of porn, but that fat fuck won’t lend it to anyone.  This absence of porn had me borrowing from Stephen Hawking, but his porn is some weird fucking shit. At any rate, it was borrowing porn from Stephen which led me to being God’s whore- again.

A Note From Vince

The Epic Short Stories are a Series. You should read them all from the beginning in order. 

*All books in the Epic Short Story Series contain adult content. 
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