The Plight of Vicente - Volume 1

The Plight of Vicente- Volume 1

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The first in a series of epic short stories, The Plight of Vicente is one man's saga to find his purpose after being returned to the earth as a ghost. Vicente travels the world seeking joy and love, but only finds death and destruction. Join Vicente on his first adventure to discover his true purpose in God's will.

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Twas 1435 when I died. The last thing I heard was, “Geet yer cock out of the gloryhole!” Turning to see my fat wife screaming at me, I didn’t notice the donkey beside me was frightened. The donkey kicked me once in the stomach knocking me to the earth. As I writhed in pain, the donkey kicked again and crushed my skull. As blackness stole the world away, I heard, “You geet what you deserved- you bastard!”  Then I was dead, at least for a time. 


There was darkness. Suddenly, I became aware as a distant light appeared. I was traveling quickly in a tunnel, but I had no body. At the end of the tunnel, I was dumped out like a shit bucket from a window. I found myself whole again at the feet of a giant white bearded man.  The giant sat upon an enormous throne of gold. It was God. 

Being unsure what to do since I never believed in God, I stood staring aimlessly about the place. The room was empty except the throne and God. I thought absently, “I expected more furniture in Heaven.” 

A Note From Vince

The Epic Short Stories are a Series. You should read them all from the beginning in order. 

*All books in the Epic Short Story Series contain adult content. 
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