The Final Testament - Volume 11

The Final Testament - Volume 11

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Who will win the battle for fast-food supremacy in Heaven? Will Easy-E and Carrie Fisher take a bribe?  What will Vicente name his car?

Find out the answers to these questions in this exciting issue of the Epic Short Stories. 


Carrie said, “Look, we are reporters for the Final Testament and this seems like there is something really wrong with your food. What is making these people shit like that and scream?”

In that moment, Gandhi ran between Mao and Scoop and Easy racing to the bathroom screaming, “Code brown! Make a fucking hole, people!”

Ghandi raced into the bathroom and in the next moment thunderous gas began expelling from his body. The flatulating boomed and erupted.  The smell was so thick and bad you could almost taste it.  Scoop and Easy began gagging again and turning green.  Mao smiled and said, “You see…another satisfied customer.”

“What?” Easy yelled through his coughing and gagging. 

Mao yelled, “Hey Gandhi, you like a the Kung Pau chicken, yes?”

“Oh yeah, Mao!  Oh Christ, here comes another turd of endless joy!”  Gandhi screamed from the bathroom. 

A Note From Vince

The Epic Short Stories are a Series. You should read them all from the beginning in order. 

*All books in the Epic Short Story Series contain adult content. 
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