Stupid, Not Spiritual - Volume 5

Stupid, Not Spiritual - Volume 5

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Vicente turns over a new leaf when he is confronted with his Assholism. Join Vicente on his journey through recovery from his spiritual disease.


...Wow, maybe I am an asshole.”

Suddenly, I noticed that everyone was staring at me.  I stood and said,

My name is Vicente, and I am an asshole.  Thanks. I was told to come here because I shit in Jerry Garcia’s guitar, fucked the Virgin Mother, broke into God’s house twice, went off world twice without authorization, and blew up Jesus’s car while trying to fuck Tia Ling and get some porn.  Oh, and I killed millions of people when I was a ghost on earth because they couldn’t understand me when I told them to perform bungholery.  

Everyone said empathetically, “Thanks for sharing, Vicente.” 

I sat down and listened to the rest of the meeting while thinking, “Finally, a bunch of mother fuckers who really understand and relate with me.”


Bob said,

You see Vicente, you are suffering from a sickness.  It’s not your fault, Assholism is a disease and a form of insanity. It’s a physical, mental, and spiritual illness. Right now, your disease has control over your life and keeps getting you into trouble. You are powerless over Assholism. But don’t worry, there is a solution. 

“What is it?  I don’t want to be sick.” I exclaimed.

Bob said in a sympathetic way,

Believe it or not, you just took the first step. By admitting that you are powerless over Assholism and that your life is unmanageable, you are on the road to recovery.

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