S.H.I.T. - Volume 8

S.H.I.T. - Volume 8

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Join S.H.I.T. as they travel through the shimmering blue orifice to earth to find the only person who can save Joe Rogaine. Tweak the T.I.T.S. and open the A.S.S.- the intrepid S.H.I.T. is coming!


A plump bald man stepped from the crowd and stated,
You’re going to need a leader for this operation. I am prepared to coordinate and lead this mission.  Don S. Davis is prepared to serve.

Then Kimbo Slice stepped out of the crowd and said, “Count me in.  Joe’s my friend.”

Don Davis then spoke up, “We need one more volunteer?”

Stephen said, “I am going. I will be the fourth.”

Don returned, “I am sorry Stephen, but we need you here to manage the sciency technical stuff in case something goes wrong.”

I chimed in, “He’s right Stephen.   You also have to stay because if you return you will be crippled.”

As Stephen nodded in agreement, I asked, “Why do we need a fourth?  Why can’t Thuy, Kimbo, and me go?”

Don Davis laughed and said, “I ran fictional off-world missions for ten years on Stargate SGI, and in the fictional off-world exploration business, the optimal team number is four.  So, who else will volunteer?”  

Stephen said in agreement, “Yes, Don is right we need one more.”

“I’ll go.” Said Carrie Fisher.  

I turned to Stephen and Don and exclaimed,
What the fuck! Heaven is filled with ancient warriors and martial arts masters and this is the best we can come up with?  A fucking Power Ranger, MMA fighter, Princess Leia, and a failed farmer?

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