H2H - Volume 13

H2H - Volume 13

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When Vicente learns of a mad scientist who has discovered the true nature of sexuality, he must report this news. Join Vicente and Dr. Peebody as they explore the elements using Dr. Peebody’s sexual wayback machine.


“So, if I am understanding you correctly when I get into this machine it is going to send me back in time to inhabit another person’s body while they are having sex?” I asked.

Dr. Peebody answered, “Yes.”

“So it is like the show Quantum Leap?” I asked.

“No no no!  That is ridiculous because he is just jumping from person to person!  Everyone knows you can only inhabit another person’s body during sex!” he yelled.

I sat in the sexual wayback machine and replied, “I wouldn’t think that was common knowledge. At any rate, I guess we should get going.  This isn’t going to hurt is it?”

Dr. Peebody said, “No it can’t harm your physical body.  But there are some sexual issues you should be aware.”

I said, “Oh, like what?”

Dr. Peebody answered,

Well, there are somethings that the modern human mind just can’t handle like Yeti sex and ancient Greek man and boy sex. That shit will fuck your mind up, so we avoid those situations at all cost?


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