Go Go Thuy Trang! - Volume 9

Go Go Thuy Trang! - Volume 9

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In a valiant effort to save Joe Rogaine, Thuy Trang will lead the intrepid S.H.I.T. into Thai Town to find the person they seek, and Vicente will pay the ultimate price for S.H.I.T.  Will Thuy be able to get back to Heaven in time to save Joe?   Find out in this final installment.


We dashed through the streets attempting to avoid the serial killers. We didn’t see them, but we couldn’t be sure they didn’t see us. LA is a strange place where three crazed famous serial killers can just blend into the scenery because people might think they're shooting a movie. As we cautiously made our way through the
streets, Thuy stopped in the doorway of an apartment building and said, “This is it.”

She rang the bell and we waited for a response. A woman’s voice crackled over the speaker and after some discussion the buzzer let us in.

Thuy Trang said, “Kimbo, guard the door and keep a look out.”

“You got it.” returned Kimbo.

We proceeded upstairs and found Sibil Vine’s apartment. Thuy knocked, and the door opened revealing a young Latina with a confused look on her face. She asked, “You said this was urgent and you were from the cable company? I haven’t worked there for some time. What is the issue?”

Before Thuy and Carrie began talking to Sibil Vine, Thuy handed me the C.U.N.T. & D.I.C.K. and said, “Get on the C.U.N.T. & D.I.C.K. and let them know we’re coming soon. And remember to be gentle, the C.U.N.T. & D.I.C.K. are sensitive.”

I took the C.U.N.T. & D.I.C.K. and gently slid my finger on C.U.N.T. & D.I.C.K. trying to reach Heaven. I talked into the device, “Stephen, can you hear me?”

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