Billy McDinopenis - Volume 15

Billy McDinopenis - Volume 15

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There’s a new hero on earth. He is swaffelen the creationists, flat earth believers, and dino deniers. Join Billy McDinopenis as he wages war on the ignorant.


Scoop said, “My God they are everywhere!”

Billy continued,

Yes, they are everywhere. You see the religious fanatics have figured out that they don’t need to come at the world directly. What they try to do instead is fill many low level positions in government that are often elected positions that no one gives a shit about. They infiltrate these positions and then help to get more crazies into other positions so they can begin to control things from the bottom up.

I said in sadness, “This is just terrible. How will the mortals ever stop these lunatics? Can you stop them, Billy?”

Billy answered, 

I am certainly going to try, but I am just one man with a large penis. I can’t swaffel them all. There is just too many. I have to try to take out the one’s doing the most damage like the CCSI team.

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