The Arizona Small Town Survival Guide to Infidelity

The Arizona Small Town Survival Guide to Infidelity

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Safety First: Basic Rules to Protect Christian Men

Small-town infidelity is a serious matter. Arizona’s small towns abundantly produce Godly Christian men who need to satisfy their sexual urges and plenty of sinful housewives to satisfy those men. Although this appears to be a match made in Heaven, there are still many risks that a Christian man must mitigate. To navigate the treacherous waters of small-town infidelity, Christian men should follow some important rules.

The first rule of small-town infidelity is to know the legal terrain. One of the most important aspects of fucking married women is not getting killed, and in Arizona, a stand your ground state, shooting a threatening person is permissible. Fucking a man’s wife in his home is threatening because it’s his wife, his bed, his house, his family, his marriage, and yes, his life you are intruding. Now, the law doesn’t permit shooting a man caught fucking a wife, but the husband knows his word will be weighed against the lying, cheating adulterer’s, and this results in the adulterer’s tombstone.

The second rule is to only fuck married women who stand to lose everything by getting divorced. Wives with kids, a nice house, and a comfy lifestyle are not trying to fall in love and inject their lives with divorce and legal poison. These women just became distracted from the happy life God blessed them through limited access to sinful birth control and gender-liberating Christian values. These are the best women for fucking since their diversion into sluttery removes the risk of them needing help or an escape from unhappiness and thereby reduces the risk to the male adulterer.

The third most important rule, I cannot stress enough, is never fall in love with a married woman. Keep in mind, women don’t enjoy fucking the same as men, and to pretend they have equality, married women often act out sexually like teenage boys. This is especially true in small towns where women find themselves sexually liberated by the mandates of church and conservatism. These mandates free girls from their whoring propensity by limiting premarital fucking while simultaneously admonishing those upstanding young Christian men by declaring boys will be boys. Most of these wives were teen moms who mistakenly believed they were sowing their oats instead of starting a family. Luckily, they escaped the moniker of whore by entering matrimony. Their rush into marriage left them selfishly unsatisfied sexually and envious of their male counterparts which makes these small-town married women simply a good time.

Young Christian men face a great deal of risk that challenges infidelity. These men have needs that must be filled whether single or married, and these rules exist to protect them from unregulated infidelity. Adhere to the rules and you can be a God-fearing cheating champ.

Next time, we’ll discuss the best places to have premarital sex in Arizona’s God-fearing, Christian small towns.


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