Sexy, Drunk Christians: Twelve Steps to Purity

Sexy, Drunk Christians: Twelve Steps to Purity

More Christian Pollution

Alcoholics Anonymous and Christianity are intrinsically linked by origin and beliefs, though both claim they are unrelated. Christianity is a religion, while AA purports to be a spiritual alcohol recovery program, but AA is a bizarre booze-based Christian sect masking many Christian ideas in its program. For example, AA's twelve steps, devoid of any science, supposedly form a recovery method, but these steps are religious rites meant to achieve a magical state known as “sobriety” or “serenity” (used synonymously).

Despite the word sobriety meaning “not drunk,” AA members use sobriety as a qualifier of the individual’s sanity, morality, spirituality, and alcohol abstinence. If someone is in a bad mood, they lack sobriety, which bizarrely pertains little to alcohol consumption, as this idea forms an accusation of poor quality or lack of spirituality. The way Christians internalize purity's shame, guilt, and fear, AAs become emotionally stunted in a culture where laughing too hard or showing too much emotion risks showing a lack of sobriety or spirituality.

AA aims to remedy uncontrolled drinking using the steps of the program to remove or “turn over to God” ego, selfishness, resentments, and other “character defects” that cause alcoholism and bar serenity.

You read correctly; no cognitive behavioral therapy, pharmaceuticals, or simple abstinence can thwart the disease of alcoholism. Only through God and confessing sins can you stop boozing, clearly denoted by the steps of the program.

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