Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities

Vincent Triola collaborates with Terry Trueman, the award-winning author of Stuck in Neutral, to combine verse, prose, and essays into a compelling view of Christianity in the United States.  

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities spotlights negative aspects of American Christianity. Christians have long blamed minority Christian groups for their religion’s more racist, violent, and theocratic elements. In truth, many mainstream Christian sects share these same beliefs and seek enforcement of them through the law, yet Christians continue to claim these elements do not represent Christianity.

Christianity’s misrepresentation stems from its practitioners’ misuse of philosophy to indoctrinate and convert believers by deliberately presenting Christianity’s possibility as though it were plausible, even unarguable. This dishonesty allows the religion to weave itself into the fabric of US law, oppressing individuals in a growing nationalism. We expose these irrational beliefs polluting society that allows Christians to dominate US culture and government.

This collection of writings provides a pragmatic and honest look at Christianity, absent the academic and philosophic pretense that Christians have hidden behind for far too long. The growing cancer of Christian Nationalism presents a clear threat to democracy. We ask you to look at the nonsense of Christian pollution through polemic arguments and examples of its absurdity.

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