Why constituents’ satisfaction is a measure of government quality?

Why constituents’ satisfaction is a measure of government quality?

Public & Private Sector Policy-making Processes

Constituents are a measure of government quality because people help to determine the overall success of programs, services, and businesses. When constituents’ are pleased with the services provided this seems to be indicative of a well-run program. However, this is only one measure of program or policy success. Other factors must be taken into account such policy outputs, financial success vs. number of outputs, and efficiency.

The differences between public and private sector policy-making processes is that public policy making must take into considerations such as policy standards, how clients are affected by the policy, and the varieties of stakeholder interests. In the private sector, policy making only affects some aspects of a business. Private sectors focus more on ways to maintain profitability and customer needs. These differences in policy making processes highlights the fundamental differences between private and public sectors in that one is driven by profit and the other is driven by service.


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