What is the public policy environment?

What is the public policy environment?

The Need for a Public Policy Environment

According to Hidano (2002) “Public policy refers to the range of decisions and actions that governments take to address public problems. Public policy analysis evaluates the design, implementation, and effects of public policy. It uses the tools and research methods of economics, sociology, political science and other disciplines to examine policy.” The government must define the legal environment for business to ensure those in the business, the community, and customers are treated fairly and honestly.

Government must define the legal environment for business for two important reasons. One the legal environment protects businesses and consumers from unfair or illegal practices by either party. Second the government has been forced to define the legal environment for the reason of monopoly. Corporations can gain too much power and overwhelm competition which is ultimately counterproductive to the free market. Along with this idea of monopoly corporations left of their own device can overwhelm politics through lobbying and other means of pushing special interests. The governments defining of the legal environment essentially keeps an even playing field for business, citizens, and government.


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