The Christian Church's Role In Developing European Society & Culture

The Christian Church's Role In Developing European Society & Culture

Charlemagne’s Impact Politically & Religiously on Europe

The Christian Church played a fundamental role in developing European society and culture as Christianity became the principal religion in the Roman Empire by the end of the fourth century. The Christian Church developed a community and a system of government that shaped the society of Europe and greatly influenced education and ideals. Through the Christian Church, monks and nuns were roles fulfilled by religiously devotees. Monks and nuns helped local communities, playing an especially significant part of educational services.

Between 1050 and 1150, Europe saw a momentous spiritual movement, headed by new establishments of monasteries and new monastic orders. Women were an important part of this religious movement and were capable of obtaining higher statuses and powerful roles as a nun or abbess. Women who were able to obtain these positions most commonly came from families of aristocracy and wealth and were intellectuals who were not interested in marriage.

Charlemagne was ambitious and his emperorship marked an important time for Europe and Christianity. Charlemagne created a powerful empire and his coronation, “…symbolized the fusion of Roman, Christian, and Germanic elements: a Germanic king had been crowned emperor of the Romans by the spiritual leader of western Christendom” (Spielvogel & Duiker, 2013). Charlemagne’s success as a powerful and revolutionary leader in Europe has led to some biographers calling him the “father of Europe”. He was a brilliant politician and his military campaigns made it possible for Europe to have control of a larger expanse than previously created. Charlemagne’s religious fervor influenced the Christian society a great deal and made this religion an even more powerful entity than it had been prior to his ruling.


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