Servant Leaders & Effective Communication in a Multi-cultural Team

Servant Leaders & Effective Communication in a Multi-cultural Team

Guiding The Change Process

The servant leadership style focuses on collaboration in order to effectively communicate and inspire change. There are many approaches to communicating change and one of them is known as building social awareness (Goleman et al, 2002). This intervention strategy for change development entail the use of assessments to determine individual strengths and weaknesses, awareness of change, and emotional readiness for change. Leaders and team members utilize self-assessments designed to measure their understanding and value in the change process (Goleman et al, 2002). These assessments are meant to ready the team for change. This system is design based on emotional intelligence theory (EQ) which are meant to foster emotional understanding which assists in unifying multi-cultural teams. For example, in the following EQ concepts can be used to develop assessments for change which guide the process:

1. Label their feelings, rather than labeling people or situations.
2. Distinguish between thoughts and feelings.
3. Take responsibility for their feelings.
4. Use their feelings to help them make decisions.
5. Show respect for other people’s feelings.
6. Feel energized, not angry.
7. Validate other people’s feelings.
8. Practice getting a positive value from their negative emotions.
9. Don’t advise, command, control, criticize, judge or lecture to others.
10. Avoid people who invalidate them, or don’t respect their feelings (Goleman et al, 2002).

The object of the assessment is to create emotional understanding throughout the change process. Through this new understanding and perception of emotions, the team becomes aware of their own strengths and weakness, such as ignoring other person’s feelings instead of validating them. Using EQ in this manner, allows the team to achieve more effective communication and thereby effect change more effectively.


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