Challenges of Writing a Paper

Challenges of Writing a Paper

Procrastination, Lack of Focus, & Poor Structure

Three challenges to writing a paper consist of procrastination, lack of focus, and poor structure. Procrastination can be overcome by starting a project early. Procrastination is usually caused by a lack of interest in the particular task. Often procrastination is a simply a matter of laziness. But even after choosing a topic many individuals have a hard time focusing a topic. One should choose a topic that is as specific as possible. Sometimes a topic can be so broad that it is impossible to write about in a reasonable manner. For instance, if one has a topic such as the benefits of macroeconomics, this topic is so broad that it would fill a book. This will not work when a paper has a length limit. As a result of procrastination and lack of topic focus, many individuals lack a strong structure to their paper. For instance the paper will lack continuity or supporting evidence. The paper might lack a specific chronology or order that can make the paper difficult to understand. For instance if one were discussing how to troubleshoot a computer this topic would need to be written with a specific set of steps otherwise the reader would fail to understand the topic or perform the task. These three challenges, procrastination, lack of focus, and poor structure, can create difficult barriers when writing.

The solution for these problems is essentially the same. Start early! If a person starts their essay early they will avoid the problems of procrastination and will allow themselves enough time to focus their topic. Starting a paper early will also allow enough time to properly proofread and structure the document in appropriate manner. Delaying starting a paper is easiest and best solution to solving writing challenges. Another common solution to these problems is to allow other people to proofread the work. A fresh set of eyes can assist in discovering errors that the writer might miss. An objective reader can also point out errors in chronology and order as well as helping to reveal confusions. A third solution that is also common to solving all three of these problems is to read the material aloud. Reading one’s work aloud can clue the writer into ambiguous language, redundancies, and commons mistakes such as misspellings and contextual errors. Reading aloud allows the writer to hear the tone and voice in the writing. For instance, if the writing is choppy or sentences run-on these issues will be more pronounced when reading aloud. The most important concept is to be aware of the challenges to one’s writing success and to take positive corrective action.


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