The Hard Life of the Rockstar

Was sitting in my car listening to the radio
Bob was singing about turning the page
I sat heaving smoke out my window
Waiting to work all day at the KFC
Dreading the grease, grime, and smell of chicken
Thinking his song was resonating with me
Suddenly, I was overcome with frustration
In that moment, long ago, I decided
I would never feel sorry for:
Rock stars
Movie stars
Famous authors
Rich people in any form
Figure skaters
Bronze medalists
Silver medalists
Gold medalists
Football players
Baseball players
Basketball players
Business owners
Lottery winners
Teachers (especially not teachers!)
When you smoke the day’s last cigarette
Feeling sorry for yourself as you bask in your lonely millions
Just remember- you’re just living your dream.


3/2/18 9:45:36 AM