LA Talker & LA’s Act

You said you were LA magic true, acting like the star in LA's act
Shit-talking people new to you pretending like your wallet’s fat
Lying about the fame you knew, talking like a phony rich cat
Talking shit but nothing was true, you’re just a bitchy white trash brat

Your lies are your reality pretending you’re a big comic
Take your bullshit sobriety, you’re a bombing joke atomic 
Fake-ass AA serenity, you’re a loser astronomic 
Fucking stupid asshole vanity begs fame like drunks for 12 step tonic
You’re an asshole eternally with your comedy neurotic

Bitch, I can’t wait to see you fall, I’ll be there laughing hard at you
And when your backs against the wall, I’ll throw my shit all over you
When there’s not a soul left to call, I’ll say a loud and hard- fuck you! 
When no one’s left to hear you ball, when your fake image fades from view
I’ll be there standing tall, knowing you got what came to you.  

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