To Leandra Piazzo — Wherever You Are

To Leandra Piazzo — Wherever You Are

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Plato was Wrong

Seeking beauty’s noesis, slighting all imitation’s charming
Scorning sorely mimesis, waiting for ideation’s proving
Ending promptly willfulness, seeing her excellence’s crafting
Grinning sassy, pretentious rolling eyes: “Conversation’s boring!”
Laughing sexy, salacious staring, predation’s lips a curling
Biting wildly, ferocious raving, “Leandra — the lion roaring!”
Speaking haughty, luscious, “Piazzo — Italian is alluring!”
Working surely conscious, honing her gesticulation’s staging
Knowing beauty fictitious, halting not this attention’s leering
Showing silly playfulness, waving in salutation’s leaving
Smiling coyly, eyeful test, luring in the true Ion’s feigning
Thinking dumbly, mindless running for the strolling lion, calling,
“To hell with Plato!”


This poem and Leandra resulted from naming a character in a book, and the name Piazzo came from my quest to find an odd Italian name. The need for strange names occurred because the person who inspired the character shared my curse of an unusual last name. Both poems found their way to this online collection after deciding not to use them in my book Move. This piece never fit the book's motif, and I am unsure of its poetic merit. Had I not changed the book, I still might not have used the poem. While writing, I thought the verses worked, but when finished, the piece seemed obtuse and understandable only to a fan of Plato. You can decide. 


Noesis — “Platonism: the highest kind of knowledge or knowledge of the eternal forms or ideas…
Mimesis — imitation or artificiality resulting from the mimicking of noesis.
IonIn reference to Plato’s Ion Translated by Benjamin Jowett