The Orange Man

The Orange Man

The Bizarre World of the Trumper

I met a man who paid no tax but said,
“Be better off with them protestors dead,
“They got their freedom; so what more be said?”
“But there’s a dead man from cop’s knee to head”
He looked as if some mystery were said
He frowned correcting my indignant state
“They’re a small part of populace weight”
He glowed justifying the dead man’s fate
His orange glow baffled my thinking state
My curiosity needing to sate
“Tell me please, the Orange Man’s word innate
“Tell me of the orange world he’ll create”

His eyes widened in orange burning pride
Raising his fists, mantras orange he cried,
“We’d start with the lazy liberal side
“Stop them living on welfare till they died
“Them is my taxes paying their free ride!
“We’d kick out all those liberals who lied
“Evilutionists claiming ape is man!
“Time’s up, if you think Jesus isn’t grand!
“We’d fix free speech with the good book in hand
“Raise up our culture’s statues on the land
“Fix them whores by cutting the Parent Planned
“You’ll be People of Praise or jail you’ll land!”

“That’d be the warmup for the bigger plan
“We’d make them faggots learn to be a man
“We’d make feminists stand behind a man
“We’d make that bum pay a medical plan
“We’d make a wall to stop the Mexican
“Them’s our low pay jobs, return to your land!
“Our freedom is ours: against you we’ll stand
“Don’t cause crime, and police won’t raise a hand
“All lives matter, you just don’t understand
“If you did, we’d live in the promise land...”
The simple guy became the Orange Man
Fighting with hatred to have no health plan.

I am astounded by the living contradiction of Christian conservatives, who walk through life believing they are upstanding people, all the while saying and doing terrible things. I worked an under-the-table job with a diehard President Trump supporter, who supported by his immigrant wife and her job's healthcare plan (made possible by Obamacare), believed everyone without a job was a freeloader. He also thought George Floyd’s protestors exaggerated the race issue and somehow caused the entire problem. Perhaps most disgusting to me was his casual questioning of a gay couple known to us both, “How did two gay guys get to have all that money?” As though “gay” meant this couple lucked into wealth, he couldn’t understand how anyone outside Christian conservatism became successful because no one outside Christianity's fantasy even exists. If Christianity, conservatism, republicanism (whatever you call the bullshit) is not a philosophic disease, then half the US population suffers insanity or stupidity. Only a philosophic disease can make you love and support the thing harming you most, and trying to capture that thought pollution inspired this poem.


Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Article Updated: 12/3/2021

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