Faith's Dichotomy

Faith's Dichotomy

A Multidimensional Verse

I am a forgotten tree in humanity's garden
Shading all those who believe, toiling in the Son's burden
My fruit nourishes and heals those starving and dying
Timber builds mansions with seals for those of faith not lying
I shield from adversity, even those who cannot see
No winds or storm can break me, you seek shelter beneath me
Standing for the rich and poor, no person shall be ignored
Forgiveness in peace and war, faith alone is your reward
My boughs are for whites and blacks my love is always equal
Roots deep, no religion lacks, while seemingly unequal
I stand for you till the last as you trust with faith of stone
But long, long before you pass, be sure you're not alone.


This poem is a directional shift with multidimensional poetry away from my interlacing poems by single lines such as in Enigma in an attempt to make the ideas discoverable. This piece attempts to show multiple views of faith interlaced. The inspiration for this poem comes from the Tree of Life archetype which has broad meanings and many stories but for me symbolizes the unity of life regardless of creed, nation, or species. Life grows and entangles all living things, even outside faith in god. Trying to capture different views and their connection can be seen in the italicized lines which read as a poem and the normal font on the right read as a separate poem. They come together and read as one verse showing the unity of ideas flowering from one poem. That was the idea, but I never felt satisfied with this piece, but other people liked it so I refrain from altering it further. Now, you can decide.  

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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