Start Accepting Today As New

Start Accepting Today As New

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Work, Hope, Optimism: Reaching Excellence

Some days I wake and struggle to rise from bed. All focus seems to misdirect into the dread of the day rather than its promise. That is the moment when I stop and give myself a minute before forcing myself from the bed. A quick period of quiet wait allows me to wake from the ill-conceived perception of the day that has yet begun. Not one thing has occurred and realizing this moment of inaction places me back in the driver’s seat for the day.

Life can get you believing things about itself that are not true. Often perceiving life in this way can convince you that every day holds this negative space and starts you down a continuous practice of negative mornings. Vexation sets in before anyone has said or done anything, and this is sort of a foolishness on our part. Each day provides an opportunity to start, perhaps not new, but at least better. Simply changing your view first thing in the morning can bring a certain clarity to every day as a habitual practice.

You can’t know fully what the day holds and if you do know that your day is going to be miserable, then perhaps this is the clearest sign of needing to change what you’re doing. Often just changing that morning perception is enough but if not, you can at least change the dynamic of your day by looking for ways to change your routine, be it work or whatever. Ultimately, you are the master of many things in your life such as job and people.

I have often found that once I make the decision to change, the change comes naturally and the current state of affairs bothers less. Don’t let your day master you! In all things your perception provides the key to unlocking even the toughest quandary. Open yourself to that possibility and you will be amazed at what happens. Think different; be different.

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