Let Me Help You Learn to Write Because I Don’t Care

Let Me Help You Learn to Write Because I Don’t Care

Sunday, July 25, 2021

I will help you write to stop the torture.

If you're a writer, I don't like you, but I enjoy contemporary reading with less torture, and herein, provide articles to fix your incompetent scribbling. Let's be clear, I don't want to edit or review your books for money and would prefer no contact with you. My objectivity born from uncaring and a lack of financial stake should motivate your listening.

Take no offense to this reasoning because I fully expect and want you to hate me. You're likely thinking right now, "What an asshole." While I consider myself honest, I acknowledge writers as pompous, indignant jerks, myself included, hence why I don't like them.

Dislike for writers also stems from their inability to read. For a time, I stopped performing beta-reads, becoming aware of mentally rewriting author's stories like a pedantic English teacher correcting an adult's grammar as one would a five-year-old. After retraining myself to avoid this sin, I discovered many writers unable to divorce the habit, spurring a stronger dislike beyond their asshole nature.

Worse than rewriting, the discovery of authors not reading spurred unfettered hatred. Not only do you rewrite books in your head, but you don't read enough to know what constitutes quality literature. If you're a genre fiction writer, I hate you more than other writers since your immersion in the derivative makes your illiterate arrogance a catastrophic ignorance.

If you still wish to be an entertaining, persuasive writer, please partake in the articles provided, and remember, my help is sincere because I don't care.



Article Updated: 03/08/2021