Christian Equals…

Christian Equals…

Friday, November 26, 2021

Christian = Conservative = Republican = Hate

People ask why I dislike Christians: I don’t dislike Christians; I loathe them. More than loathing Christians, I consider them casualties of an incurable thought disease. They are a lost cause, and the best we can do is handle the army of zealots with harsh indifference. I give them no space, no thunder, and vote them down at every opportunity, as should you. The great enemy is not at the gate but sitting in congress and the house next door. Make not the mistake of viewing the Christian as a harmless bunch of born-agains or innocent believers wanting to be good people because they are adversarial. To understand the severity of the Christian plague, one need not delve into social theory or hold ridiculous arguments to prove or disprove the existence of God; one need only open their eyes.

Christian = Problem

As much as Christians love to take credit for saving the world, they are the doomsayers constantly preaching the world is whirling down a toilet of issues. The Christian loves to talk about how Jesus loves everyone, yet they are the first to condemn anyone not aligned with their worldview. The Christians see nothing wrong with evangelizing those not wanting their Abrahamic brand, presenting their intrusive faith in the guise of salvation, and most people see the constant evangelizing as an annoyance until Christians take the power they desire. When they take power, as they currently hold, the impact is devastating. Just look at the results of the Christian-dominated world. Whenever Christians are at the helm of the ship, the world suffers:

  • Christians view the Roman Empire as the hallmark of their religion, yet Christianity didn’t free the Empire of internal turmoil or corruption and saved nothing as it fell to the Huns. Here is Christianity’s first great victory!
  • Christians didn’t save the world from the Dark Ages, although they would love for you to believe that monks saved humanity’s culture and history by slaving in scriptoriums. Yet another victory for a religion that consistently promises salvation: humanity plunged into widespread illiteracy, poverty, and disease, except those reining over the church.
  • Christians love to pretend they are educated and wise, but the Enlightenment wasn’t ushered in by them. No, Christians threw up walls of heresy to stop free thought. That revolution of knowledge, directly responsible for advancing medicine, health, and science that allow us to live longer, less harsh lives, Christians opposed and still do.
  • Christians didn’t invent slavery, but they certainly made it an enterprise. At the heart of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the largest atrocity of human trafficking, sits Christianity. Christians not only profited and expanded slavery, they used colonization to foist their ideas on other peoples.
  • The Christian majority run the United States, yet the country lags in industry, education, and healthcare, losing credibility with the rest of the world. Despite making up the majority of people and holding all the power, Christians see the US decline as the fault of every non-Christian.

Christianity’s track record reads like a horror movie, yet the believers don’t see it this way. The fault lies elsewhere, or the problem is the lack of Jesus. Yes! That is the answer: more Jesus, more faith, more churches, and laws to enforce the Christian way of life because in the two thousand years prior, when Christianity held more authority, people lived in perfect health, didn’t suffer monarchies, had more career opportunities, and had plenty of technology to make life easier. A satire, begging an obvious conclusion.

Christian = Chump

Bethlehem’s bum wandered around telling a whopper that fueled generations of evangelists who don’t preach a message of hope. No, the good news these preachers discuss is the fall of civilization, the end times, and most importantly, the fault being everyone but the Christian. The evangelist elucidates the Christian flimflam as the conman spews the snake oil of negativity to sell the baptism everyone desperately needs. Only Christianity can save the world despite being the world’s problem. These priests, preachers, evangelists: whatever title they hold, don’t live like most of their financially struggling followers and readily take the money from the believers to fund their oh-so-needed ministries. When the Christian chump complains his prayers go unanswered, his holy master claims, “You don’t pray right or enough or with all your heart!” When all those excuses fail, they silence the naysaying chump, claiming Jesus has an elusive plan.

More than a con, Christianity is a philosophic disease, making mindless drones for those controlling or wanting to control resources. Only a philosophic disease could infect so many people with a self-defeating, self-enslaving, and destructive thought process. Only a philosophic disease could convince the masses of poor people to vote for a party that cares about nothing other than its highest echelon’s grip on resources. Only a philosophic disease could convince a woman to vote for a law to deny herself the freedom over her body. Only a philosophic disease could convince a man he is the righteous king of his shack and ruler over his children and wife. Only a philosophic disease convinces people to preach about forgiveness while screaming for capital punishment. Only a philosophic disease could convince people who preach “love thy neighbor” to outlaw freedom, exalt violence, uphold intolerance, and turn a blind eye to the systemic prejudices plaguing millions of people, including themselves. Only a philosophic disease could infect with such hate.

Christian = Hate

Even if you don't endorse racism, you become a tacit partner in the injustice when you support Christianity. Christians have proven themselves slavers time and time again. The Christian chump is too ignorant to see the problem, having had all critical thought usurped. The Christian leader screams, “All lives matter!” His self-righteous opposition to “black lives matter” enforces systemic racism and classism while protecting his position. He doesn’t care about life and keeps his flock of chumps filled with the disease of the Holy Spirit to fill his pockets, paying upwards like a mafia soldier to the Trumps and Pences at the top. Even the great military leader Colin Powell, who spent a life endorsing Republicans, had to shift loyalties for realizing he supported a right-moving, hate-filled, racist party cemented by Christianity.

It should be no great surprise Trump continuously blamed developing countries and immigrants for the US’s woes while endorsing the Proud Boys and calling BLM a terrorist organization to scorn a nation torn by police violence against fellow black Americans. It should be no surprise, Trump, while the leader of the new moral majority, incited his chumps to attack the Capital, using conspiracy to fuel hate.

Christian hate doesn’t end there. No, the Christian chumps hate foreigners believing America stands for their Christian freedom – no one else’s. The philosophic disease metastasizes into an irrationality that makes the Christian chump fight the smokescreens of invaders, blind to the fact that immigrants continue to build our country and, ironically, in ways these fools cannot imagine. The Christian chump ventilates hostility at the immigrant workers filling tech companies that keep the very internet technology running that makes possible the Christian troll’s venom spitting.

The Christian shakes his fist at gays, blacks, women, foreigners, and Asians, clamoring to codify inequality, prejudice, and slavery. Christian chumps scream their ignorance in war cries at the capital, standing outside abortion clinics calling vulnerable populations murders, denying social justice, throwing up walls to block the very people who build our nation, and condemning everyone who has the right to live unaccosted. Hear the Christians, recognize the threat, and give them the war they demand.

Christian = Enemy

The hate-filled Christian chump smiles mindlessly in his truth, leaving no choices for the liberal mind. Deny them a voice. Cancel them. Vote them down. Don’t support their businesses or any business that supports them even indirectly. When the Christian chump waves his bible screaming nonsense, smack it from his hand. Most importantly, buy guns because whether you believe it or not, the Christian wants to battle and arms himself. Be prepared for they have made themselves quite clear:

Christian = Violence.

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Article Updated: 03/10/2022