Lines For Kesha

To all those who hurt.

A Note to the Reader

Lines to Kesha was written in 2017 and 2018.  This collection was inspired during my research of Kesha for my book Hack.  During my research, I found that Kesha’s struggles resonated with me.  I began writing poetry that was impacted by her songwriting and this allowed me to focus on my own struggles in a more honest way.  

While this collection of poems is small it touches on many issues including the long term impact of sexual abuse.  These poems are also a lesson for not deluding yourself with fantasy as a way of coping. This idea is represented by the name “Emily” which is a character from my book Memories of Emily. I would suggest reading the book if you would like to understand this poem collection more deeply.    

In many ways, Lines for Kesha is about letting go those ideas that we hide behind and rediscovering ourselves in hope.  It is about finding your inner strength and resolve.  Surviving adversity is not good enough.  Learning to thrive in its aftermath is our endgame.   

Vincent Triola

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