A Note On Multidimensional Poetry

This book was written in 1997, but was never published.  I shelved this project for a number of reasons but mainly because I was not confident in my writing or voice. I started writing this type of poetry again in 2017 when I decided it was time to take a more proactive approach with my fiction and poetry.  

I named this writing “Multidimensional Poetry” because it represents the complexity of the human experience and nature.  During the initial writing of Enigma, it was my intention to write poetry for someone I loved that was so unique it could not be found anywhere else.  As my relationship with this person evolved, I began to learn more about her.  Subsequently, the poetry represents multiple perspectives about my struggle with love and with faith.  Most notable is the struggle with poetry itself because it seems almost meaningless in light of the fact that most people do not read it or understand it.  This was the case with the girl for whom I was writing this material.   

In 2017, I began working on this material again and after much time had passed my understanding of the poetry changed. I began working to create more of this poetry as well as to improve the style.  I consider these poems to be ‘rough’ in nature because they were originally written in a manner that was not concerned with meter.  Ciphers III is a great example of this as it follows a verse that is more free than metered.  Newer forms of this poetry can be found on Amazon or on my website.  I still consider this work in-progress so if you have criticism please let me know. There is a contact page on my website.  Thank you.