Vinnie LXIX: Edibles & Author Bios

Vinnie LXIX: Edibles & Author Bios

For sure, this is the last author bio.


Vinnie LXIX classically trained for pornographic acting at the Conservatory Of Copulation Knowledge, giving rise (no pun intended) to a skilled player (again, no pun intended) on par with Shakespearean counterparts. A method actor of impeccable style, Vinnie won awards in gay-for-pay and straight-for-rate and all variations of cinematography between.

After an illustrious career spanning a year of sexual art, Vinnie’s meteoric rise in porn ended tragically at the pinnacle of his career during a one-man sexual marathon with porn stars Gauge and Tia Ling competing against all the Men from Anabolic Video. Nearly crippled by quadruple pulled hamstrings, adductor tendonitis, and gluteus fasciitis, Vinnie LXIX left porn forever.

Years of rehab, learning to masturbate normally again, provided the time needed to springboard into literature. From the long convalescence, Vinnie LXIX emerged from the womb of literature in what The New York Times did not call “The Sweet Bastard Child of Voltaire and Bukowski!”

The Works of Vinnie LXIX

Starting with nonfiction authorship, Vinnie debuted with “The Flesh Tragedy: A Surgical Tech’s Tale.” The indirect, semi-biographical novel of Gauge’s struggle to become a surgical tech is a fictional confession from the man who outed her but never endured questioning for discovering her pornographic past while intensively watching gangbang videos. The soulless, uncaring man found support from a healthcare institution teaching and advocating patient privacy while ignoring this principle regarding fellow workers and students. This seminal work elucidates the living satire of a society indulging in porn’s industry while oppressing its workers.

Following “Flesh Tragedy,” Vinnie published “Tia Ling Me, Sir,” a historical, science fiction romance with actress Tia Ling as the protagonist. Tia must time travel to the founding of Cleveland, Ohio, and stop a time-traveling Billy Graham intent on destroying Cleveland’s rich diversity of porn and literature. An edge-of-your-seat story of Tia stopping Billy before he kills her younger self, Langston Hughes, Helen Maria Chesnutt, and Charles W. Chesnutt: the only good things spawned from Cleveland. A masterpiece of self-determinism and the struggle to overcome the social adversity imposed by Christian theology.

Vinnie LXIX also wrote the script for the recent Emmy unnominated series Steamy Sandwiches, a story so packed with delicious diversity you will want to own a food truck.

Vinnie will continue to write fiction and film upon ending his sex strike begun in April 2020 after a long night of Kesha listening and munching marijauna edibles resulted in a vision unrealized since Coleridge awoke from the dream of Kubla Khan,

Kesha and the Sky Whales

Above Los Feliz, I did foresee
A magic whale flying air like sea
Descending from the sky bearing she
Declaring I, “What sight I adore!”
“She who rides the whale to earthly shore!”
“A queen to hail and wage deathly war!”

Nodding, smiling, eyes a rainbow glow
Calling me to mount the whale to go
Reigning peaceful beast, she rose us slow
Yodeling lyrics on eddies’ flow
Singing what the thoughts and heartstrings know
Drifting to the place beyond life’s woe-

Interrupted by the neighbor’s loud construction, Vinnie LXIX forgot the remaining verses and undertook a spiritual quest to remember, sacrificing sex until the dream of Kesha returns or death by abstinence takes him to the place of living poetry.

So we wait for more masterpieces from Vinnie LXIX.


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