Home of The Friendly Ghost of Victor Schertzinger

Home of The Friendly Ghost of Victor Schertzinger

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A Place of Hollywood Dreaming

My coming to live with the ghost of Victor Schertzinger occurred in July of 2018 after leaving Hawaii to work on a short story series with a comedian friend living in LA. In typical LA fashion, the project fell through, but at the time, hope invigorated action, causing ticket purchases, long goodbyes, and a move to LA the next month. (A clear sign of my busy, busy life.) My friend knew a couple who owned a house near the Greek Theater and Griffith Observatory, and they provided a room with a private bath. Lucky digs in LA for sure, but beyond luck, the unbelievable home stirred much fascination and curiosity for the ghost of Victor Schertzinger still haunting the halls.

Built by composer, film director, producer, and screenwriter, Victor Schertzinger, the home held much Hollywood history, and though Victor's personal life remains mysterious, living in the house brought a sense of familiarity.

Victor Schertzinger
Victor Schertzinger

Entering the home reveals the 1920s with many fixtures, designs, and rooms unchanged save some additions made in the seventies. Not a believer in ghosts, though having experienced some strange things, I found Victor’s home invoked the spirit, or as they say, "had a good energy."

Victor Schertzinger's Home

The Front of Victor’s Home

Despite prior homeowners, Victor remains the primary resident, evidenced by the many quirky artifacts of his presence, such as the organ. Victor’s original organ, complete with sheet music, still stands in a once-grand theater where he played and composed music. Shortly after purchasing the home, one of the owners heard organ music faintly playing throughout the halls, perhaps welcoming them home. They never experienced the music again and probably won't since no electricity powered the organ for fifty or sixty years.

Victor's OrganVictor’s Original Organ

The Organ Room

The Organ Room (Organ is to the left.)

Sheet Music for Voctor's hit song TangerineSheet Music for Victor's hit song Tangerine

A window overlooking the large pool, spacious yard, and LA gathers guests' stares. Aspiring comedians, actresses, actors, models, photographers, writers, and other talents gravitate to the vision of the hills that cultivated song, film, and literature. Many times I stared out the large window into that magical place.



The Living Room


View of LA

View during the Day

In summer, the pool entertains screenplay writers, producers, and film aficionados forming art's collective musings that perhaps Victor built the home to capture.

The Pool
The Pool From the Patio


The very talented actress, Lucía Juárez sits on the patio talking with another artist.

The very talented actress, Lucía Juárez sits on the patio talking with another artist.

Writing by the pool inspires much thought as this place's force of originality rushes from the surrounding people, gardens, sculptures, fountains, and other relics of Victor.



Fountain by the Pool House Fountain by the Pool House

Fish Fountain

Fish Fountain

A graveyard for pets, who all seem to live forever in Victor’s home, hides behind stones lining the path to the rainbow bridge traveled by many rabbits and cats.

The Path to the Rainbow Bridge

The final resting place for many pets who make the journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

You lose yourself in Victor's landscape where oranges, mangoes, lemons, grapefruit, figs, and kumquats grow. Along a stone wall lined with spices and fruits, a path leads to a livable dollhouse Victor built for his daughters, now inhabited by a prop master. The intriguing home attracts and provides shelter to so many creative folks.

The Dollhouse

The dollhouse Victor built for his daughters now a bungalow.

At night music plays a fresh lemon or orange squeezes into vodka as the many creatives talk, and I find myself staring out the window, listening for organ music from a great composer and dream.

Home of The Friendly Ghost of Victor Schertzinger Los Angeles View

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Fireplace Mantle

Fireplace Mantle

The massive chandelier that lights the top of the stairs.

Chandelier atop the Stairs

 Chandelier Basement Wine Room

Chandelier Basement Wine Room

A place for meditation.

A place for meditation.

The Pool and Poolhouse

The Pool and Pool House

Arch Leading to The Front Door

Arch Leading to The Front Door

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