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Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious — always learning.

Author Note: Surrender to the trope of the sincere, moving author bio produced this reader-introduction wreck. Asked by an editor to write a bio incited a struggle to fit the bio to the writer motif of the publication, resulting in a catastrophe of mediocrity. The stench of derivative overwhelmed me, causing the bio’s removal and exit from the publication. The call of honesty prohibited burying the bio in a folder to pretend the sin never occurred, and thinking a lesson might spring from nausea that now makes reading impossible, the bio reposted here. Having no means to email you a barf bag, I recommend you cease reading and use the links above to proceed to the next bio. Thank you.

About Me

“Always remember, all wisdom waits between the pages of books. All your answers are there even if you have to write them yourself.” A friend spoke these words a long time ago, and since that time, reading and writing entertained but ultimately became a means to learn. Learning about myself, people, and the mechanics of life spurred endless reading and writing. Over and over, this scholarship revealed only books answer the questions burdening us. The great living memory of literature, lining walls of libraries, cannot be condensed into quick-read articles or blog posts. How can we recognize true love or beauty without knowing what they are? How can we possibly hope to find love if you never look beyond the mimetic content filling cyberspace? Only books hold the answers and the means to use them.

Thank you for joining me in the quest to learn. I appreciate your time and feedback in the constant strive to understand. Below you will find my background information, but for brevity, I wrote content professionally for over a decade, concentrating on marketing, SEO, and academic writing. While still writing content for private clients, I focus on publishing novels, short stories, poetry, work on screenplay and write some social critiques, which I try to keep humorous. You will find a detailed list of links below. Thank you, and keep learning.

The Worst Author Bio


Vincent Triola was born June 26, 1970, in Baltimore, Maryland. Graduating from Mount Saint Joseph High School in 1988, Vince worked in the moving and storage industry fourteen years before writing content. As an entrepreneur, Vince owned technologies and content writing businesses.

Starting in the late eighties writing poetry and fiction, Vince soon dismayed with the writing industry and ceased efforts to publish but continued to amass a wealth of poems and narratives. Vince returned to writing in 2007, ghostwriting for small and large companies while developing several lucrative term paper and content marketing websites.

Today, Vince writes professionally for private clients while writing satire, literary fiction, poetry, and other prose. Vince created the genre of Multidimensional Poetry and Prose that uses embedded anagrams, structured prose, and poetry, allowing for multiple themes and perspectives of a subject.

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